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A photo of Lee (though beaten up) that I've 'humanized'—numerous photos of Lee were chosen—and some retouched to create a 'smirk' you do not see in live film footage, just in stills for newspapers—so this is my response to that.

Anna Nemeth was my 100% Hungarian grandmother. Her death from cancer started me on my quest to become a doctor and research scientist, with the goal to cure cancer.

This is the guy she fell for—Jess Whiting—after her first husband died—my Grandpa Whiting. As all others in my family, he was very patriotic. He got lung cancer in 1962 and died a few years later from it. He was yet another inspiration for me to conquer cancer. Instead, I am blocked, even though even today, I could run a lab and guide researchers to a cure for cancer using manipulated baceriophage or other viruses.

Here is the so-called "lone nut" Lee Oswald ... Sure looks anti-social, huh? .... He had a lot of girlfriends in his short life. He told me about several of them.

Here you see Lee turning his head to his left as he recognizes Jack Ruby. As Lee turns his head forward again, a horn honks and Ruby runs forward—and nobody moves—as Ruby guns Lee down.

I was asked in 1960 to write a letter 'to President Kennedy'—that's what it says in an unauthorized book that I did not get a chance to do a final correction on. It had even been repeated from an earlier book, and I take responsibility for the "President Kennedy' part. What happened is that I was asked to write a letter to THE PRESIDENT by some military officers and others. They said it was necessary, for some reason. I forgot to write the letter until early in 1961, when, looking over loose ends, my mentor, Col. Doyle, realized I had never written the letter. I wrote it and got a nice reply from JFK's personal assistant, Ralph Dungan. The letter has some underlinings in it, and was found in archives by researcher Tony Marsh. Enclosures included Peace Corps materials and other materials. So decades later, I said I'd been asked to write 'to President Kennedy' in 1960—and several 'researchers' jumped all over me for it. For the most part, I've done a prety good job remembering details, but we're all human, and there may be another error here and there. Just for fun, try to remember what important letters YOU wrote decades ago!

Here's Ralph Dungan's reply. I noticed online how excited one person was to get a "Dungan" letter from the White House. I was, too!

Here's why Lee Oswald must be vindicated. This is who this is ultimately about: our fallen president. A coup occurred. Our government must take the responsibility. Some of those responsible are still alive. Some projects they wanted to run have almost destroyed our country. Wars. Medical criminality. Experimenting on our people and on those in other countries. Ruining our lives with greed. Allowing monopolies. And finally, allowing big pharma and corporations to purchase our legislators. Our only non-violent hope is to clean up government from the bottom up. And use a hand-counted paper ballot. And—by the way—know who's counting your votes. I pray for my beloved country and ask for your prayers, too.


Information about Lee Harvey Oswald and my book, Me & Lee.

Nigel Turner

Nigel Turner
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