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THE CIA DEFENDS Max Holland -- "Historian" who claims Oswald Killed JFK

Well--they've done it again. Ignored new witnesses in the Kennedy assassination ---such as myself--while giving old-time CIA asset Max Holland yet another opportunity to declare Lee Oswald is now 'proven' to have killed Kennedy.
Uh...sure, Max. We believe you. After all, the CIA believes you!
Yes, Max Holland continues to create pieces of rewritten history that mainstream media--most lately FOX NEWS --takes seriously. Why not? the CIA defends Holland. The CIA tells us they did not help kill Kennedy. The same CIA whose director, Richard Helms, told Congress that the CIA will lie whenever necessary.
Max Holland has kindly provided this year's contribution to the government's annual November LIE that Lee Harvey Oswald killed President John F. Kennedy.  To do so, he had to invent a new whopper--that the Zapruder film did not film the 'first' shot --giving Lee Oswald an extra five seconds to shoot. How convenient. How unfortunate that the Secret Service had no reaction whatsoever to this so-called gunshot. Nor did the pigeons on the rooftop of the TSBD.  nor did anybody in the crowd. But the extra five seconds, never reported by anybody in the past at that point in the motorcade,gives Holland his chance to 'prove' Lee Oswald had time  to shoot--a problem that inconveniently kept coming up these past 48 years.
Next,Holland wants us to know that 'someone' can be seen,with enhancement to the original flms taken that day, moving around on the 6th floor of the TSBD.  As if we didn't know this previously!  He declares it is Lee Oswald, never indicating that witnesses said TWO people had been seen on the 6th floor--not just one. But to mention a second person there would mean a conspiracy--so Max ignores the reports that two persons were present.  For example:
and note this:

Arnold and Barbara Rowland :
From the street Arnold Rowland saw TWO men on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository minutes before the assassination. One at the western window was carrying a gun. The other man at the eastern window (the so called 'sniper's nest') was a dark complected man. The FBI wrote nothing about this and the Warren commission said he was mistaken.

Carolyn Walther :
From the street Carolyn Walther saw TWO men on one of the upper floors of the Texas School Book Depository minutes before the assassination. She heard one shot, then two almost simultaneously, then a fourth shot. She was never called as a witness by the Warren commission.…

Ruby Henderson :
From the street Ruby Henderson saw TWO men on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository. Again, she heard one shot, then two almost simultaneously, then a fourth shot. Likewise she was never called as a witness by the Warren commission.

John Powell :
John Powell was an inmate on the 6th floor of the Dallas county jail, straight across the street from the book depository. He and some of his inmates saw TWO dark complected men in the southeast corner ('sniper's nest') of the book depository. None of them were called to testify before the Warren commission.

Robert H West :
Robert H West stood in the old courthouse. He heard FOUR shots.

Amos E Euins :
Amos E Euins saw a man fire a rifle from the 6th floor of the book depository. He described the man as black and bald. He heard FOUR shots. Euins's mother received several phone threats before he should give statement before the Warren commission.

Holland is long known from Voice of America and his writings published in the CIA's magazine--Studies in Intelligence.  For example:

Max Holland
[CIA/50s/Guat]. HollandMax. "The 'Photo Gap' that Delayed Discovery of Missiles in Cuba." Studies in Intelligence 49, no. 4 (2005): 15-30. "The political ...


C.I.A. Police Training by Kai Bird, Max Holland
C.I.A. Police Training Magazine article by Kai Bird, Max Holland; The Nation, Vol. 242, June 7, 1986. Read C.I.A. Police Training at Questia library.
CIA documents; HollandMax. “Operation PBHistory: The Aftermath of SUCCESS” International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence. 17: 300-332 ...

Well, we could go on and on...but Fox News doesn't go 'on' at all...they simply call Holland a "Historian" and give him front page attention (Nov.18, 2011).


The Lie That Linked CIA to the Kennedy Assassination — Central ... › ... › Studies in Intelligence › studies ›fall_winter_2001
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is an independent US Government agency ...... See Max Holland, “The Demon in Jim Garrison,” Wilson Quarterly, Vol. ...

Seasoned researcher Lisa Pease wrote this awhile back: 

to The Nation:
Dear Editors,

I was shocked that you allowed Max Holland to comment on the recent JFK Conference. He’s already shown his lack of journalistic integrity on the subject. In the current piece, he made the bald-faced lie that “In point of fact, 99.99 percent of the HSCA’s report improved upon or underscored the accuracy of the Warren Report’s key findings.” It did nothing of the sort, as those of us in the research community who have actually READ the HSCA’s report know very well. Is there no fact checker at The Nation?
When you rightly avoided publishing his article espousing the notion that the KGB caused Americans to suspect CIA involvement in the JFK case, he took it to the CIA, which published it happily, since it exculpated them of any involvement in the Kennedy assassination. But that’s not necessarily a new relationship. Holland got his early start with the Voice of America, a well-known outlet for the CIA’s propaganda during the Cold War.
In fact, that was the pattern at the conference, which I also attended. While most leading researchers on the case believe elements of the CIA were directly involved, those who take the opposite view, like Holland, invariably end up having a cozy relationship with the chief suspect.
It should embarrass you to learn that Holland omitted mention of the most interesting and heated exchange at the conference. Two speakers rose to debate the acoustic evidence on which the HSCA based its conclusion of “probable conspiracy.” The first, Richard Garwin, said the sound evidence was off by a second, and therefore proved nothing. The second, Don Thomas, said that Garwin was using a different copy of the audio tape, proven by the number on the tape, and that the discrepancy was attributed to its being a copy. Thomas then showed how the sound evidence matched perfectly with all the extant video evidence. It was a stunning refutation of Garwin’s weak defense of the non-conspiracy view.

Would it surprise you to learn that Garwin was, as he admitted publicly when challenged, a CIA man? As a conference participant, I found that confession stunning. As a “journalist”, Max Holland didn’t even find that worthy of mention.

Is Max Holland a CIA asset at The Nation? If he is, that’s a tragedy for the nation and The Nation. If he isn’t, he’s simply a guy who, for whatever private reason, is more comfortable repeating the assertions of others than uncovering the truth. And his “99.99%” statement shows he’s willing to lie to do so. So it hardly matters if he’s CIA or not. Whatever he is, he sure doesn’t belong at The Nation.
We continue to learn every day how official lies bring heinous tragedy upon the innocent. His perversions of history do no less damage. We can’t learn the lessons of history when he presents a false version of it.

Lisa Pease


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