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"The Men Who Killed Kennedy and "The Love Affair" --Its Vanishing Playlist

Abraham Zapruder

Once again, the playlist for the banned History Channel documentary, THE LOVE AFFAIR, has vanished. After much searching, an avid supporter found the five segments, though scattered, and placed them in the correct order so they can be viewed in sequence (as they were originally before being scattered).

Seg 1
Seg 2
Seg 3
Seg 4
Seg 5

Along the same lines, over 230,000 references to my name have evaporated from the Internet. Yesterday another 100 vanished. When the level goes to 20,000 (it is now 20,200) I ask people to request google to restore the 'lost' references. Twice, it has then shot back up to over 26,000 this year. A far cry from quarter of a million, but hard to complain when Nigel turner, who once had 42,000 references, is now truncated on search engines to a mere 4,600, last I looked.

You find the exact number by placing "Judyth Vary Baker" in quotes before doing the name search, or "Nigel Turner" or "Lyndon Johnson," etc.

It is my hope that everyone reading this blog will make copies of the "playlist" and send it around. Censorship is a word that should not exist where humanity enjoys freedom of speech. Somebody tell that to those who are teaching our people that "conspiracy theory" is what anything involving Kennedy's death by any hand other than Oswald's should be called. We who tell the truth are supposed to be denounced,  our groups infiltrated, and disinformation is to be spread about us.

Several encyclopedias online have reproduced the now-erased inaccurate and nasty Wikipedia biography that had such choice gems in it as, I published several books, ran a number of businesses out of my university English teaching office, wrote a book called "From Dallas with Love" about Lee and me -- which never existed-- and worked for the Ochsner Clinic in 1972(!) -- the same year that somebody posed as "Judyth Vary Baker" to Ed Haslam in New Orleans. Because of this --God knows how I hated to ever have had to speak out, and waited many years -- but this must be corrected -- my authorized, official biography will be written and submitted to numerous sites within the next few days. 
It is a fact that Oswald was innocent. The truth is overwhelming, despite the weight of Bugliosi's book, the weight of the 26 volumes, and the weight of the members of the Warren Commission (figuratively and physically). Against all those lies are many pieces of evidence, such as the tiny weight missing from the "Magic Bullet" versus to what was removed from Connally's shattered wrist, proving all by itself that other bullets were fired.
We now know for a certainty that the Zapruder film was drastically altered, thanks to "The Hollywood Seven" and Doug Horne's fine work, along with Dr. James Fetzer and his team of researchers (The Great Zapruder Film Hoax).
The indefatigable Ed Haslam, and those other great Americans who have battled to protect the truth from extinction are our true American heroes. One look at what America has become since 1963 shows what happens when a conspiracy removes a legally elected sitting American President.
(I'm not sure Bush-Shrub was legally elected -- are you?)
From that pivotal event in Dallas came the first President to resign from office, the first president APPOINTED to the office, a vice president's resignation for corruption, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War, the Afghanistan War, the war in Iraq (What next, Iran?). Not to mention rampant greed, corruption, etc. that is both ungodly and ubiquitous. Exhausted American families are being ripped apart by those who want to get the last drop of sweat and toil and energy from them.
Sweden's people get five weeks of paid vacation.
My friend who just came to visit me said he could not get ANY vacation the first year he worked as a security guard. The next year --one week.
My God! In the 1960's, we talked of 30 hour work weeks.
The American Dream is a nightmare of overwork, homeless, drugs, debt, poor diet and bankruptcy as any health problem can wipe out a lifetime of savings (I know!).
How is it that banks can be saved, with billions of dollars, but good, hard-working American families are turned out of their homes because they can't pay the banks due to the horrendous unemployment situation and what I will call the Great Depression of 2008? A freeze should be placed on all house payments for one year. Know what? That would save us. Instead, the banks got the money, but the people still had to pay the banks...a double-stuffed Oreo Cookie treat if I ever saw one -- but for the banks, not the people.
Student loans should be cancelled to give everybody a fresh start.
Do you consider that an outrageous idea?
Do you realize that our kids have a terrible future, due to the greed and evil that is ruining their lives?

Kids graduate with enormous debts to repay--and can't get a job! They default or defer their loans. I have spoken to many despairing students who have simply given up ever being able to repay their skyrocketing student loans--they deferred them a couple of years because they had no jobs.
Our poor kids have mortgaged their lives and their futures to the banks.
Who can afford to become a doctor?
Where are the dreams of all qualified students getting their chance to go to college?
Nor can I, who have a folder full of inventions, several of them medical inventions, turn any of them into reality, because the costs of development and patenting are so high. I will cheerfully donate my inventions in the medical field to anyone capable of turning them into reality. One is to prevent the formation of bedsores.
I've tried for two years to give the invention to someone capable of developing it.
Because I want to help people.
No takers.
Nobody can afford to do the patent search, pay for a patent, etc. Certainly not me.
Inventing something in America is easy.
Getting it to the people these days is extremely difficult.
Ford, Goodyear, Edison--they'd be helpless in today's milieu.
As for "American" (Industrial Complex) interventions and preemptive wars, where our precious young men and women die, supposedly to save us from terrorists, while, instead, we make good Muslims hate our guts, why don't we intervene in the situation in Darfur? Or Somalia? I'll tell you why: it's called a lust for money, oil, and power, an unquenchable greed, a deep and enduring case of corruption, that has nothing to do with preserving our freedom, but everything to do with making money.
You know it.
I know it.
It's a sad fact that doors are closing.
Doors of hope.
Doors of opportunity.
Our kids are having to leave America in order to make a decent new life for themselves.
...I was dismayed to see that the US ranks 47th (2009 statistics) in terms of longevity, with Bosnia, Puerto Rico and Jordan ranked higher.
Sweden ranks #10, but only because so many crippled and wounded refugees from Iran, Iraq, Somalia, etc. swarm into that tiny country: without political asylum seekers (10% of Sweden's population is foreign-born) that country would rank right up there with Macao, Andorra, Japan, and its neighboring Scandinavian countries.
John F. Kennedy said that we must not ask what our country can do for us, but what can we do for our country.
The Number One thing we can do for our country is to care about the truth.

I have had the privilege of welcoming a young visitor from America. Fairly well-educated, he typifies the condition of so many young Americans: decent jobs are overseas, so he has come overseas in an attempt to survive this economic crisis.
He learned his history from the state-approved textbooks and the AP history courses. What he learned was slight, often wrong, and made little impression. He thought the "black panthers" killed Martin Luther King!
He thought Iraqi terrorists brought down the twin towers. He was told that in school!
And because the History Channel's "Conspiracy Theorists" online video described me as claiming to have "invented Aids" HE ASKED ME IF I HAD DONE SO!
I told him the truth and lamented the fact that nobody at the History Channel, who slammed me, Jim Marrs, and Edward Haslam--while at the same time making Jim Garrison look like a dunce, mentioning one of Garrison's odd, earlier ideas about the nature of the conspiracy that killed Kennedy, while ignoring his later, more accurate assessments ---I told him, I repeat, I told this young man that nobody at the History Channel ever asked me, before making their defamatory and libelous and even dangerous statements about me --- I repeat a third time--not one of them ever, at any time, met me, or spoke to me, to verify their outrageous claims before presenting them to who knows how many thousands of viewers.
The book Me & Lee: How I Came to Know, Love and Lose Lee Harvey Oswald-- will soon be released.
To you.
It is a book the History Channel does not want you or anybody else to read.
They want you to read the big book they praise for its size -- written by Bugliosi--a man who never met me, either, yet offered plenty of insults about me-- they want you to believe the Warren Commission, where the enemies of JFK were called together by Lyndon Johnson --including Dulles of the CIA who had been fired by Kennedy. From the beginning, the evidence was handled by the FBI and the CIA, with the Mayor of Dallas--Cabell--overwatching (his brother, a fine general, was also fired by Kennedy).
The truth can stand the test of time only if the truth is known.
Help me keep the truth alive.
I do need your help to spread the word.
Only with your help will I dare return to a beloved country.
Meanwhile, every day I will pick up a bottle of brown dirt and look at it--it is soil from the state of Texas, where it all happened. Sent to me by a researcher I respect, it is more important to me than anything else I have here in exile.
That soil comes from where all five of my children were born.
That soil comes from where the man I loved more than anything in the world was gunned down before my eyes, as I watched on TV -- accused, though he had courageously tried to save Kennedy, of Kennedy's murder, by the very people who orchestrated Kennedy's death.
That soil, which comes from where I wish I could have had a horse (once helped save 37 starving horses near Houston....).
Where dear and precious family and friends live...
The land of the free and the home of the brave...
My America.
Under seige.
Don't let the Truth die!
Help me.

Judyth Vary Baker

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  1. After reading Judiths book and 3,000 internet articles on SV40, large T antigen ( and lets not forget those HeLa cells) nobody in their right mind should consider vacinations or pharmaceuticals as good or safe. Further research reveals that even foods are now transgenically contaminated with `growth promoting' viruses and immortalized (cancerous) cell lines. All for more profit!!! Study..become an Angry Nerd!!!!



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