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Four Photos of Interest and the Kennedy Assassination

The two top photos are from newspapers in Holland published Nov. 22 and Nov 23, 1963.
The first photo is of interest because it shows Gov. John Connally riding as a third person in the same seat with JFK and Jackie Kennedy.  The third photo shows three people also sitting in the Limo in the same seat.  The fourth photo (below) shows another view, with only JFK and Jackie riding in the seat in the limo.  How happy they look!
The second photo published in Holland (above) shows Jackie and Robert Kennedy, after the assassination: Jackie is bending and reaching forward to open the door of an ambulance.   It is striking to me because nobody from the Secret Service/security officers opens the door for her and Robert.  Where's the respect?  It is telling that the slain President's brother, who is shell-shocked with sorrow, and Jackie, Kennedy's wife, with bloodstains still on her clothing and her legs, must get into that ambulance unassisted.  The Kennedys are no longer the prime center of attention: Lyndon Johnson has been given that position.   We know that the President's physician was not in the limo on Nov. 22., though on other occasions, he had been. We know that people rode with the President and the First Lady in the limo alongside them on occasion.  But on November 22, though there was room for another passenger, the seat remained empty. Clint Hill, the Secret service agent who leaped onto the Presidential limo from the rear, had been assigned to guard Jackie Kennedy.  He saw President Kennedy after the final fatal head shot and described him as hunched over, then slumping to the left.  He also saw what the Parkland Hospital physicians, nurses and staff saw, concerning the fact that Kennedy had been shot from the front, not the back, and he described the head wound clearly:  
"As I lay over the top of the back seat I noticed a portion of the President's head on the right rear side was missing and he was bleeding profusely. Part of his brain was gone. I saw a part of his skull with hair on it lying in the seat. The time of the shooting was approximately 12:30 p.m., Dallas time. I looked forward to the jump seats and noticed Governor Connally's chest was covered with blood and he was slumped to his left and partially covered up by his wife. I had not realized until this point that the Governor had been shot." 
On Nov. 22, 2008, "Octafish" wrote this poignant message to all Americans:
"Going by the newspapers, radio and television stations though, you’d think no one else gave a damn, let alone remembers the assassination of the 35th President of the United States.
There was nothing about the assassination in Dallas in my local newspaper. I checked the TV and listened to the radio. Nothing.

Thank heavens for DU and Google News, which returned 7,111 articles today under “JFK.”  
Here’s the thing: President Kennedy who worked every day in office to keep the world at peace. He worked to make this a better nation for all Americans. He saw a better future and did all he could to bring it to reality. And he stood up to those he knew opposed him when he thought he was right.  Contrast the history since President Kennedy’s passing: It’s been a pretty much steady drumbeat for war from Vietnam to Iraq. 
To those who tell me to “Move on, it was just the brutal work of a lone nut,” I say, “That is exactly what J. Edgar Hoover and Allen Dulles wanted us to believe.”  
To those who say, “We’ll never know,” I say, “It is no pipe dream. There are veterans of World War I still among us. Therefore, we must try to find them. There is no statute of limitations on murder or treason.”  To those who want to shut down discussion on the subject – and to forget the memory of a great President – I say: “Go to Hell.” (Octafish) REF#1:
Secret Service Agent Clint Hill ref: from his 
03/09/1964 Warren Commission Testimony 
Ref.#2: from "Octafish" 

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  1. The photo of the Kennedys and Gov. Connally in a car is not in Dallas.
    It's not the customary black, presidential limosine. It's actually a regular, white convertible they used after landing at Carswell AFB in Ft. Worth on Thursday night, and, used again Friday morning to go back to Carswell.
    The black limo was already waiting for them at Love Field, Dallas.



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