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(Note; an enhanced version of this damaged tape recording is being made. )
The first few minutes of this recording are hard to hear, because the recorder was damaged and it's all I had at the time, but it gets better after i removed the recording from my purse. The tape recorder was damaged while I was hospitalized after a so-called 'accident' where i was hit by a car----came back from the hospital to find my apartment vandalized. and many things damaged, including the tape recorder. However, it still worked--sort of!  

   Mary, concerned when she had not heard from me, invited me to visit her. I brought the tape recorder because the 'Mary Ferrell denounces Judyth' email had been circulating and I wanted Mary on tape to reply to that problem.

   Mary did not know that an email she sent to friends after becoming angry with me had been 'enhanced.' She was now sorry she'd ever sent it.  While standing at her bed, Mary said she had never denounced me and she gave me permission to tape her.  Mary had previously been angry because I had asked her about a fake name Mary had used when she was taking a college course in Ohio. She just exploded at me.  Later that night, she sent an angry email out saying she had washed her hands of me.
File at top shows Mary M. Ferrell is "now" 'Mrs. Mary Dean' with a new address in 
Hollansberg, Ohio instead of 1120 North McNeil, Memphis, Tenn. Mary was furious at me for bringing this to her attention, and when she discovered that her daughter, Carol An  had told me this was a fake name Mary had used, she was extremely upset with Carol Ann, who from that time on detested me for getting her in trouble. Mary later forgave me when I reminded her that I would never have asked Mary about it if I had intended anything malicious, and that I had intended originally to give her the files back, but after the email came out, now i had to keep them to prove what had started the whole thing.

The fake name was something Mary never wanted the public to know, for personal reasons. Now time had passed, and Mary had called, asking why I had not come to visit.  I told her she had hurt my feelings. Mary at once gave me her security gate code and called the nurse to make sure my name was still on the visitor's list, because her daughter, Carol Ann, had erased some names there.  We had no problem with the nurse, who found my name on the visitor's list, as well as the name of my sister and my friend Debbee.

   The email that Mary Ferrell sent out to several people turned out to have what Mary indicated was a falsified attachment.  This tape recording contains Mary's denial that she wrote the email in its present form or the attachment to the email.  After all, the email began with her expression of 'regret' that she was 'washing her hands' of me.   Mary said she didn't recognize the email in its present form (the next blog will show the contents of the email). 
     Later, after reading a transcript of the tape recording, Jim Marrs also visited Mary and she repeated what she told me, my sister and a friend.  She refused to be taped again, however, saying she was being pressured to stay away from me.  Later, Mary called me and said Robert Chapman, David Lifton, and Debra Conway wouldn't leave her alone unless she sent out another email confirming the so-called denunciation.  This she also refused to do.  By this time Mary was suffering from cancer that would soon kill her, and we never talked again.
     Carol Ann  would later claim that i must have found the files in the garbage --or took them when i was helping to move Mary to her assisted living apartment from her dangerously cluttered home on Holland in Dallas. Mary in fact had given me a tall stack of Life Magazines. I did not find the files until later--they were stuck between some of the copies.  Mary gave me other nice things, as well.  She gave me both her sons' Catholic Missals, because mine had been stolen.  She also gave me some of her dead son's art that I admired, such as these two cars:

     As for the falsified email, it has been circulated again recently as "evidence" -- with no mention of the tape recording's existence.         
      The persons who circulated the email were unaware that Jim Marrs, along with others, visited Mary after this recording was made and obtained the same answer from her.  Martin Shackelford , who testified before the ARRB, did tell a small group of researchers about Marrs' visit. 
      The foundation of the long attachment seems to have been composed of earlier emails Mary had told me about, where she had questioned various matters to discuss with Lifton and others.  However, Mary had already been satisfied with my replies.  She then endorsed me and my book by writing the note you can see below.
    That does not look like a 'denunciation'-- and the people sending around the falsified email do not mention the note, shown below, to recipients.
     I sent the original note to the publisher, but before doing so, of course made a copy for my records.  I later sent a copy to Dr. Howard Platzman for his records.  For some reason, making a copy of the note was supposed to be one of Mary's objections, in that long list of patched-together objections, which makes no sense.  Here is the copy:

      In fact, the email show questions Mary and I discussed --questions that had been answered one by one.  What Mary had sent out was apparently 'enhanced' by [pieces of these emails pasted together in a set of paragraphs called "judyth.doc."  Now, Mary had given me access to a file she called "Judyth.doc." That file had information about me that she had wanted to add to her Chronology.  She complained that Debra Conway refused to sell Mary's Chronology if that information was not removed.  This was information such as, when I met Lee, where i lived, that we worked together at Reily Coffee,  and so on. All of this information  had to be removed after a four-month standoff between Mary and Debra Conway.  "I want the money," Mary said. "I'm too old to argue with them."
    And so the information was removed.  However, Mary gave me a PERSONAL COPY of her chronology with the information still intact there.  Here is a photo of that disk:

        I saved a copy of the header that John Mcadams sent around ti 'prove' the authenticity of the email, but when it was pointed out that the header had some unsavory problems -- those who understand headers can see the problems with the TIME stamps --- the header was removed and a HAND_TYPED header was created by Dave Reitzes.  The header, which is not shown by those who have circulated the email, speaks volumes to those who can understand it in its entirety. Here it is: 
According to Mary, all she wrote was a simple sentence saying she regretted it, but the 'Judyth Baker' part of her life was over and everyone should understand.  Mary evidenced surprise when we showed her the printout.  She said she didn't write the attached material we showed her. Her email was sent to David Lifton, Robert Chapman, Debra Conway, John McAdams and one other.  Those who understand headers will note that all starts well: there is no problem, once you account for time zones, until you hit the timestamp of "12 Dec. 2001 10:59:02." While glitches could happen back then with timestamps. 11 hours behind the two previous PST stamps seems inexplicable.  If the email had been held up because it was being altered, an attempt to turn back the timestamp might have thrown it back too far and it could not be fixed. No email, by the way, can be proven to be authentic after such a long time period, but the header gives us a hint that it was not authentic.

    Jim Marrs, whose updated, new edition of Crossfire: the Plot that Killed Kennedy, came out in 2013 for the 50th anniversary of Kennedy's assassination,  went on in 2010 (and thenceforth) to endorse Me & Lee, writing its Afterword.   Edward T. Haslam, author of Dr. Mary's Monkey, wrote its Foreword.  Me & Lee was published in 2010 (hardcover) and 2011 (softcover). Me & Lee is also available as an audiobook from Trine Day publishers Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.
Jim Marrs and Judyth Vary Baker
JFK Assassination Conference Dallas-Arlington,
22-23-24 November, 2014

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