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Bob Fox7:47pm Feb 22

To really put the pieces of the puzzle together about JFK's murder and 9/11, one has to go back to WWI, when Samuel Bush was selling arms to BOTH the United States and Germany. All of this while the U.S. was involved in the conflict. I would call that treasonous. Samuel's son Prescott went two better than his dad. Prescott (along with other right wing wealthy businessmen) was involved in a coup to overthrow FDR in 1933. General Smedley Butler blew the whistle on the coup, as he was recruited to lead the coup from a military standpoint. However, none of the perpetraters were ever brought to justice and the situation was swept under the carpet. 

In addition to that, Prescott and his Union Bank invested in and profited from the Hitler war machine in WWII. Prescott was actually charged with trading with the enemy in 1942. 

I would call both of those situations VERY treasonous. However, Prescott had all of that also swept under the carpet and he soon became a Senator in Connecticut in 1952. In addition, Prescott was very close friends with the Dulles brothers, men who had also had a legal track record of dealing with the Nazis in WWII. Allen Dulles became head of the CIA in 1947. John Foster Dulles was President Eisenhower's Secretary of State. 
[NOTE by JVB: Allen Dulles became a member of the Warren Commission. Fired by Kennedy, this CIA military leader had motives to hide the true killers from discovery.]
Prescott Bush was one of the men who recruited Richard Nixon to politics and it was he who persuaded Ike to name Nixon as his VP. Bottom line, Prescott Bu$h was VERY powerful in the 1950's. Also, Prescott's son Poppy became an operative for the CIA in the late 50's. Poppy had ties to the Bay of Pigs and Operation 40, where he was a recruiter. When Nixon lost to JFK in 1960, the Bush boys were aligned with most of the Military Industrial Complex and the CIA to seek JFK's removal from office by any means necessary. The right wingers pushed an agenda on JFK that called for the invasion of Cuba, and the escalation of the military in Southeast Asia, namely Vietnam. One of the plans that was presented to JFK was Operation Northwoods.

Every one of the Joint Chiefs approved this plan. So did the CIA. So did Prescott and Poppy Bush. A plan that called for innocent people to be shot on American streets; for boats carrying refugees fleeing Cuba to be sunk on the high seas; for a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington, D.C., Miami, and elsewhere. People would be framed for bombings they did not commit; planes would be hijacked. Using phony evidence, all of it would be blamed on Castro, thus giving Lemnitzer and his cabal the excuse, as well as the public and international backing, they needed to launch their war.

The plan sounds a lot like the events of 9/11. 

JFK refused the plan that was presented to him in March of 1962. Then came the Cuban Missile Crisis in October of that same year. All the Joint Chiefs called for invasion then. So did the CIA. JFK refused and decided on a blockade instead. History has proven JFK's decision as the biggest and best decision of the 20th century, as the Soviets were prepared to launch nuclear weapons from Cuba in the face of an attack. They had some ready for launch as a matter of fact. An invasion would have caused a nuclear exchange and WWIII. JFK saved the world from that ugly scenario. JFK also refused to send more troops to Vietnam. At the time of his death, there were only 16,000 troops/advisors in Nam. LBJ took that troop total to 500,000 by 1965. JFK was also trying to dismantle the CIA. 

Because of these actions by JFK, along with his back channel negotiations with Cuba and the Soviet Union, certain members of the CIA and the Military Industrial Complex made sure that JFK would die. These agents were backed financially by big oil and big banking. WHY? JFK was going to make big oil pay its fair share and not get away with tax loop holes that it was presently enjoying then, while at the same time JFK was making drastic changes to the Federal Reserve. 

[NOTE BY JVB: JFK also began printing United States Reserve Notes instead of Federal Reserve Notes, freeing our country from economic and monetary control by world bankers. That was money printed by our own country, the United States--not by 'the Feds.']

These forces, along with some folks in the mob, who the CIA was married to, took part in the assassination of JFK. Poppy Bush had a key role in the conspiracy. Again...he was a recruiter for Operation 40. OP 40 was an assassination group put together to kill Castro. OP 40 decided that JFK had to go after he refused to invade Cuba. Several members of OP 40 were in Dallas that day.

Since 11/22/1963, the power elite has held power. 
Operation Northwoods: cover sheet & typical page
When the HSCA tried to investigate the JFK and MLK assassinations, President Ford (Warren Commission member and the man who changed the postion of JFK's back wound to make the single bullet theory plausible) made Poppy Bush CIA Director. Bush immediately stopped any and all cooperation to the HSCA. In addition to that, several key witnesses were murdered in that same time frame. People like Roger Craig, Sam Giancana, Johnny Roselli, Chuck Nicoletti and George DeMohrenshildt (Nicoletti and Demorenshildt were killed on the same day). 

Reagan at moment of shooting,Mar 30,1981

I also believe that every President after Ronald Reagan has been a CIA operative at some point in their lives. Back to Reagan. Just four months after John Lennon was assassinated in December of 1980, Reagan was almost assassinated by John Hinckley, a man whose family is closely associated with the Bush family. Both of those events were classic Manchurian Candidate types of murders, where there is a patsy ready for delivery after the shooting. There is evidence in both situations that there was another person that actually did the shooting. Jose Perdoma was the doorman at the Dakota when Lennon was shot. Perdoma was part of Operation 40. Again, OP 40 was an assasination group. It also appears that Reagan was shot near the heart AFTER Hinckley was subdued. Some people point the finger at one of the Secret Service agents near Reagan. Seem far fetched? Thanks to Doug Horne's book, it is obvious, that the Secret Service was complicit in the death of JFK, namely Roy Kellerman and Bill Greer. Also, think about the RFK assassination, where a similar method was used. 
Back to Reagan, after he was shot, he basically was a mouthpiece only and the real man in charge was Poppy Bush. Several events that occurred point directly at Poppy. Events like Iran/Contra. Events like the CIA drug smuggling into Mena, Arkansas, when Bill Clinton was Governor there. Events like arming and funding a couple of guys named Osama and Saddam in their fights against the Soviets in Afghanistan and the Iranians respectively.

We know that Poppy was big time CIA. Mena connects Slick Willie Clinton to the CIA. It was also under Clinton that the deregulating of big banking first started (Wall Street helps the CIA with money laundering). Dumbya Bu$h was like his father, being part of failed businesses that were actually fronts for the CIA. Dumbya put together Arbusto, a failed oil venture that had investors like the bin Laden family. After he left office, Poppy became the head man at the Carlyle Group, another venture that also had investments by the bin Laden family. The Bu$h family and the bin Ladens have always had a tight relationship. The bin Laden family is one of the richest families in Saudi Arabia. We all know about the Bu$h's and their LOVE for Saudi Arabia. Add to that, Poppy armed and funded Osama in Afghanistan in the 1980's. It was there when al qaeda was formed, with help from the CIA. 


Okay, I have given you the treasonous transgressions of the Bush family that date back to Samuel. Prescott was part of a coup to overthrow FDR, plus invested and profited from the Hitler war machine, WHILE the U.S. was in the war. WE know that Poppy was part of the JFK assassination conspiracy. The Joint Chiefs, the CIA and the Bush boys (Prescott and Poppy) all endorsed Operation Northwoods. A plan VERY similar to the events of 9/11.

9/11 just happens to occur under the watch of W Bush as President. We know W comes from a treasonous family tree. We also know that the Bush family and the bin Ladens are tight. In fact, Osama was a CIA operative. To me, there is NO doubt the core reason for the events of 9/11 was because of an inside job. An inside job that had presence in the White House, the CIA, the FBI, the Military Industrial Complex, the Mossad and other foreign entities. 
Instead of Cuba like in the Operations Northwoods plan, the targets were Afghanistan and Iraq. Here we are 10 years later and the U.S. is STILL in both of those countries. The invasions of both countries has also allowed Israel to stay very militaristic and aggressive with its neighbors. The war in Afghanistan has been escalated by President Obama. Another President that has clear connections to the CIA. Just like the JFK assassination, the events of 9/11 have been hiden by the MSM and no one has the backbone or guts to tell the real truth. Because they are all in bed together.

Well? What about you? Do you have the backbone or guts to tell the real truth? 
It's important to spread the word about the innocence of Lee Harvey Oswald. The reason the media and government so stubbornly insist he killed Kennedy is so you'll never put the puzzle pieces together and learn the truth.
The reason they demean and spew dirt all over Kennedy's character is that even if you come to realize the government killed Kennedy,using the Mafia, and covering everything up through their various agencies --yes, even if you realize the government killed Kennedy, if you can be made to believe that Kennedy 'deserved' to die, then they can still get away with it.
You now see the puzzle in all its ugliness


  1. Marlena Latiolais4 May 2012 at 12:21

    I love you Judyth Baker. I think you will soon be under a tremendous amount of personal attacks as your story is being told and the truth of Lee is revealed. I want you to know you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Justice for Lee. Occupy 2013! Stay safe and well!

  2. Did you know that the VERY first adviser brought on by the current guy in the White House came from...the Carlyle Group?

  3. The truth will prevail !! God bless you. Ron and Kathryn

  4. Truth will prevail !! God bless you, Ron and Kathryn

  5. Hi Judy! My sister's name is Judy. I often call her Jude! You too most likely remember when the Beatles hit "Hey Jude" came out.....she was teased (in a good way) they were singing about her and such!!! Did you go thru some of that? Anyway, I have admired you since the first time I heard your story on the History Channel's "The Love Affair" which had me absolutely fascinated. Your story is so factual and just so simply touching I don't know what to say. I admire your courage and your coming forward after so many years. I know as you said that you did this at a tremendous personal cost to you and your family. I hope you are well and as we approach the 50th of JFK's tragic ending I am hoping you can share even more info with me and all of us in the US and abroad who are still so hungry for the truth. I would also like to share with you my conversation with Jim Marrs a few years ago and if you get this email please respond with an email where I can reach you. Being able to chat with you would be an honor as I consider you to be a true American Hero and admire the way you stood up for the truth as to the events surrounding that period of time in History and the role you played in it.

    Love ya Jude!




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