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"Why I Believe Judyth Vary Baker" by Dean Hartwell

Dean Hartwell, the author of Dead Men Talking: Consequences of Government Lies and Truth Matters How the Voters Can Take Back Their Nation, is a remarkable man who is not afraid to pursue the truth. You can read about his recent experience as "Juror #12" here. Dean had a front row seat about 'inside deals' and 'conspiracies' and corruption, too.

Since then, trained in law, he has turned his critical attention to the greatest cover-ups of our time, regarding JFK, RFK, and 9/11. His fine book, Dead Men Talking, provides a readable, clear, and logical handbook about these three events. It should prove very useful to new generations that needs to come to grips with about a power structure that, overtly or covertly, has exercised control since the coup that took John Kennedy's life.

Dean is far more thorough than many students of history. He contacted me for information about Lee Oswald and had incisive questions. He understands the failings of the "official versions" of these events and how cover-ups are implemented. He has been impelled--in part, by his own personal experiences--to expose how cover-ups work. With his legal training and keen intellect, he isn't easily fooled by disinfo artists and their rhetoric. I'm honored to be his friend.

Why I Believe Judyth Vary Baker
Dean Hartwell / 21 March 2010

Dean Hartwell in support of Judyth Vary Baker. Dean has the right background to use to write about truth in government. He has degrees in political science, public administration and law. His employment resume includes over fifteen years experience serving the public for three Southern California cities.

For over ten years, Judyth Vary Baker has stated that she had a relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald, that she knew he was an informant for our government and that he was innocent of any wrongdoing in the murder of President Kennedy.

As her book, Me and Lee, approaches publication, a question will continue to attract debate in the community of JFK assassination researchers and perhaps continue into the mainstream of political discussion: Should we believe her?

It is reasonable for one to ask some questions about what she says. Here is what went through my mind when I first heard of her:

What has she got to gain by saying it?

If it is money or fame, it pales in comparison to what she has lost: contact with family members, the feeling of safety (she lives overseas due to threats to her life) and any chance at a normal life. In short, I do not see great gain personally, but rather a need to vindicate a man she loved.

If she is making up a story, is it plausible she would choose this one? Those who spin tales tend to make themselves heroes. But Judyth doesn’t as she admits she made mistakes. Or they tell a story that would keep them safe, like saying that the man the government said was guilty was truly so. Not so here. Or they make a “non-falsifiable claim,” or something impossible to disprove. But Judyth has offered proof of her relationship with Lee (see “14 Reasons to Believe Judyth Vary Baker” - and has subjected her statements to the public.

Speaking of, what types of criticism she has received by some in the community of JFK experts? Some have cited what they believe to be inconsistencies in Judyth’s story. But even if I were to stipulate to that, it would be normal for one recalling events from almost a half century ago to forget or confuse some things. The real question is whether the inconsistencies relate to material issues. Judyth’s story about meeting Lee, having a relationship with him, his innocence, etc. have remained constant.

I had already believed in Lee Oswald’s innocence and the possibility he was an informant before I met Judyth. She told me what she knew first-hand but never insisted I had to believe it. She gave me a glimpse of who he really was and what motivated him. She told all of this to me in what I felt was a straight-forward manner.

Judyth has given Lee Oswald back the presumption of innocence he never received in real life. All of us in the JFK community should give her that presumption before making the decision as to whether to believe her.


  1. I definitely want to read Dean's books! Why is it so rare to find someone who's willing to use logic to examine these events?

  2. Judyth, my heart goes out to you and to Lee this many years later over the events in your life. How shabby of those in power, killing those who don't play ball. They do this all the time and often get away with it. The spirit controling them is the god of this present world system.
    Judyth, you served our father/creator Yahweh in a capacity no one else would have been able to. No nun, no matter how commited to Yah would have been able to walk in HIS LOVE and be a vessel of HIS, bringing honor to HIS name by carrying the truth in your being with all the good as well as painful memories and bring the truth to those of us who love the truth as you have.
    Judyth, you brought honor to Lee by consistently living and demonstrating your eternal love for him. No one and nothing will change that. In spite of the deep pain, which went along with you having and still do love Lee I sincerely hope both of his daughters know in their own hearts he deserves their respect.
    The love you demonstrated to Lee no one else would have been in a position to do as this is Yah's Spirit in action. Thank you for being a true servant to our father Yahweh.
    Karin Hopkins



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